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  • A.V.Hospital, Basavanagudi, Bangalore has been recognised as “Centre of Excellance in Hernia Surgery”by Asia Pacific Hernia Society and also by Hernia Society of India. This is the only centre in South India to get this International accreditation.`( Pictures of both Certificates and Pictures of Sir receiving the certificates)
  • A.V.Hospital has pioneered Laparoscopic hernia surgery almost 25 years ago and have been dealing with the most complicated hernias.
  • The main concern among patients undergoing hernia surgery is the fear of recurrences.If you reach the point where you need hernia care surgery, it’s important to go to a comprehensive hernia centre to get the best of treatment. A.V.Hospital has been a referral centre for many years for hernia surgery.
  • A.V.Hospital has performed maximum number of laparoscopic hernia repairs till date in the state.Almost all types of complicated and recurrent hernias have been managed by laparoscopic method. We are one of the most renowned hospitals for laparoscopic hernia repair in Bangalore.
  • With expertise in both minimally invasive surgery and large comprehensive surgery, this dedicated hernia centre helps ensure the operation is done right the first time. The patient’s outcomes are comparable to international standards.
  • Advances in minimally invasive surgery means that, for many patients, hernia surgery is no longer a major operation that puts you in the hospital for a week to 10 days. Patients now go home after overnight stay. AV Hospital is considered as the Best hospital for hernia repair in Bangalore. We have excellent and highly experienced hernia surgeons.
  • BEST Institute and Research Centreat A.V. Hospital,conducts training in laparoscopic surgery for General Surgeons once in 3 months with special emphasis on laparoscopic hernia surgery. Surgeons from almost 5 continents have been trained at the Bangalore Endoscopic Surgery Training Institute at A.V.Hospital in the last 2 decades. Surgeons from across Asia – Pacific region now come to A.V. Hospital to observe hernia surgeries which is a part of their Diploma Course of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society.
  • A.V.Hospital has contributed a lot to the field of herniology. Dr.M.Ramesh has done pioneering work in the field of laparoscopic hernia surgery in the state of Karnataka. He was the first to start laparoscopic surgery for different types of hernia in the state.
  • Dr.M.Ramesh with other stalwart surgeons founded the Hernia Society of India, with a vision to disseminate knowledge and expertise in the field of Hernia surgery in our country.
  • Dr.M.Ramesh has conducted International and National Conferences in Hernia with many invited eminent international and national faculties.Surgical consultants of A.V. Hospital are invited to several state and national conferences to demonstrate hernia surgeries and to train other surgeons.


    Laparoscopic TEP Mesh Repair
    LaparoscopicTAPP Mesh Repair
    LaparoscopicE-TEPMesh Repair
    Laparoscopic IPOM Repair
    Laparoscopic IPOM Plus Repair
    Laparoscopic Preperitoneal Mesh Repair
    Laparoscopic Subcutaneous Onlay Mesh (SCOM) Repair
    Laparoscopic TAPE MeshRepair
    Laparoscopic TARM Mesh Repair
    Laparoscopic E-TEP Rives Stoppas Repair
    Laparoscopic E-TEP TAR
    Subcutaneous Onlay Laparoscopic Assisted (SCOLA) Repair